Karen's Message

"I feel that everyone deserves a break from the norm, to indulge in comfort and beauty. Life is demanding and many obstacles appear, and somehow we make it through (it's a juggling game), but we tend to neglect ourselves.  I know first hand: I ran a business, that went beyond normal hours; I took full-time college course units after work and on Saturday mornings; Helped with the care of my father, in-laws, and recently my mother (may they all rest in peace); Raised three children and lead PTA meetings and events; Made sure my disabled husband had everything in place while I was at work or school; Kept our house in order and food in bellies; and I'm still dealing with the daily curve balls that come my way today.  After decades of bearing this weight, I recently had a wake up call.  I seen a picture of myself from my moms funeral, and I didn't look right. I looked as if my spirit was depleted and was heading to an early grave.  I didn't recognize myself, and I was embarrassed that I let myself get that way. People would tell me to rest, but how could I? Everyone depended on me for everything, and they wouldn't know what to do without me.  I needed to figure things out and make it work, no matter what!  Yet, that stills hold true today, BUT, I had to discover that they would be okay, even if I checked out from catering to them, and checked into catering to myself. I wanted to be comfy and confident in my skin again, look cute, reassure myself and make a statement (before anyone approach me) with the simple, yet, bold statement on my shirt, "Comfy & Confident"! That's why I created Comfy and Confident, because everyone deserves the simplicity of relaxation, and to not be bothered by the noise, chaos and wants of others, and most importantly look and feel good no matter what you are doing or not doing! 😉 We have to remind ourselves that we matter."
                                                                                                                   ~ Karen